As of today, I haven't attended to any major conference as a speaker (but I keep submitting papers). Even though I had given several public sessions, they are not any recordings publicly available.

This is a list of my main contributions as a speaker/mentor:

  • Bitnami Bootcamps [Three times, Spanish]
    Speaker and mentor at Docker and Kubernetes sessions. Assistant in the other sessions.

  • µControllers Workshops at university [Three times, Spanish]
    Coordinated and mentored an introducutory workshop to microcontrollers using the development kit Launchpad MSP430 from Texas Instruments. We got Texas Instruments to sponsor the events.

  • Eurathlon/ARCAS Summer School [English]
    One of the mentors of the event. Teaching, helping and guiding people that participated in this Summer School from all over the world. Was an amazing experience.