I’m currently employed by Bitnami as a software engineer. At the time of writing this my main mission is to automate as much as I can. Improve internal processes for building, testing and releasing new installers, containers and cloud images.

Previously I contributed to several key tools for the company, at the Toolchain Team. I was fully in charge of one of them called Bitnami Test System, which main purpose is to deploy and test all Bitnami assets supporting different platforms and deployments (cloud images, native installers, Docker Compose, Kubernetes...) Me and my team rebuilt it almost entirely and then improved and maintained it.

I started writing installers and doing support but what I wanted was to improve automation and to write and contribute to open source software. I have also participated in several design drafts for new tooling and systems.


Advanced Center of Aerospace Technologies, in Seville, Spain.
In CATEC, I was in charge of developing a full system for autonomous navigation of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) from the ground up, using a quadrotor with a LIDAR sensor in 2D and a VICON system for position tracking.

Using the ROS framework, a mapping library based on ICP (Iterative Closest Point) and a couple of other helper libraries, I managed to make a small quadrotor map an industrial building in 3D using a 2D laser ranging sensor and reliably store and use that map to dinamically guess its position while navigating (this problem is called SLAM, Simultaneous Location And Mapping).